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Now available!

Firefight list builder now available.

A note about existing Yearly Kings of War and the new All-In! subscriptions: Subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel them. If you cancel your Yearly Kings of War subscription, you are cancelling the automatic renewal, not the current access to the list builder. You will continue to have access until the date indicated in your subscription (as seen on your Account page).
If would would like to move to the All-In! subscription, I suggest subscribing to the other systems' Monthly until your Kings of War Yearly subscription is about to expire, then cancel those subscriptions (which cancels the auto renew) and then subscribe to the All-In! subscription to get access to all the systems for one low subscription price.
You can subscribe to the new All-In! subscription at any time even before your KoW subscription ends, but please note that the subscriptions will overlap and there are no refunds for 'partial' subscriptions.
If you have any questions on your subscriptions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email below.
Thank you.
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