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Renewals cancelled!

If you have any questions, please contact me at

As you probably all have seen by now on the Mantic Blog (, the new Mantic Companion that is releasing shortly will include list building in addition to lots of new content across their entire range of game systems. As the number of games has grown, it has been more and more difficult for me to keep up with all the changes (this is just a hobby, not my day job!).

For those of you with subscriptions, you have seen that I stopped your subscription from renewing in the future. The new Mantic Companion will be releasing the 1st of November, and all user subscriptions will be transferred by the end of the year for the remainder of your current subscription period for any time beyond the free trial end date of 31 January. For example, if you had a yearly subscription renew on 15 October 2022, you will have the same access on the Mantic Companion until October 2023 (in addition to all the other content). The Armada and Vanguard list builders will remain available to subscribed users until they are added to the Mantic Companion (follow the Mantic blogs for updates - the unique Armada functionality I am especially looking forward to).

I am thankful for your words and emails of support over the years, and feel fortunate to have been able to help move people from small numbers of lists with paper and pencil to building thousands of lists (literally, some of you have created thousands of lists!) to get just the right army to suit your play style, or to experiment with whole new armies.

The Mantic Companion with all its functions will be an incredible tool. I can't wait to start using it (and not have to program it!). Thanks again. And as always, if you have have any questions, please do not hesitate to email!

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